Sydney Architecture Images- Central Business District

85 Castlereagh (part of the Westfield Sydney redevelopment)


Design architects- JWA (concept, new tower design). Westfield Design and Construction main architects.


85 Castlereagh Street




Millennium Amorphic


Built on site of old Imperial Arcade.


Office Building (JPMorgan principal tenant)
  The concept (JWA)
  The reality (not bad...)
  Westfield's 85 Castlereagh emerges from the cocoon
16 Mar

The iconic 85 Castlereagh Street building by Westfields and John Wardle Architects of Melbourne is slowly emerging, chrysalis-like, on to the Sydney skyline.

Much anticipated by its designers, and its new principal tenant JPMorgan, this glassy turd is proving difficult to see. Pertinently, design renderings by the architects always showed this Jetsonesque tower viewed from the air. There are few points on the ground to study its drama.

The 6 Greenstar tower was briefly put on hold during the GFC. It shares with the retail below a blackwater plant (basement) and a cogeneration facility (using gas to generate electricity, utilising the waste heat to power the chillers- somewhat technical!) housed on the roof of the ASIC-occupied 100 Market Street next door.

The Lowys (owners of Westfield’s) intend to occupy the top few floors and place their workers in the fifficult=to-rent lower floors of 100 Market Street (to “live above the shop”, so to say). The old Westfield tower on William Street will be presumably vacated.