central business district (downtown) 2

Hyde Park area    
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01 Obelisk 02 St. Mary’s Cathedral  03 Anzac War Memorial 
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04 Sydney Grammar School

05 Australian Museum

06 Former Supreme Court and Registry Office
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07 The Great Synagogue 08 Mark Foy’s Department Store 09 The Archibald Fountain
10 St. James railway station    


Elizabeth St. Hyde Park was dedicated for public recreation and amusement in 1810 and has maintained its original boundaries almost intact since that date. Two of the most popular national sports were practised there, horse racing and cricket. Both found keen supporters amongst the military who were garrisoned in the town.

The present landscape of the park does not however owe anything to its early days but to the construction of the City Railway which was opened in 1926. The tunnel for the railway was excavated by an open cut along Hyde Park and the whole area re-planted when the excavation had been covered in again.