Sydney Architecture Images- Western Suburbs

Short House


Glenn Murcutt


Terrey Hills 




Late 20th-Century Late Modern





The Marie Short House by Glenn Murcutt  

Glenn Murcutt designed the Marie Short House for a client, but later bought it for himself and expanded on the original plan. The house sets on stilts on a rural stretch of land along the Maria River. As in all his designs, the home is constructed of simple, readily available materials. Timber from a nearby sawmill form the framing and the walls. Adjustable steel louvers control the flow of air through the living space. The roof is ordinary corrugated metal. Wide eaves provide cooling shelter from the sun.

"When the wind is blowing in the summer, it has a wonderful cooling effect," Murcutt says of his home. "In the winter, the louvers have a tendency to heat up, and you can warm your back against them in the mornings."

The Marie Short House by Glenn Murcutt

"actually there is two buildings, of which the project consists: two buildings shifted parallel against each other, everyone with rectangular sketch, connected by transverse courses and outwardly to a large extent similarly, with same roof form and a retaining structure, which lift the houses over the natural soil level, in such a manner that in both cases an airy free space develops." The house was conceived in such a way that it is out and detachable and 1980 extended.