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Mortimer Lewis


Mulgoa (nr Penrith) 




Old Colonial Grecian




"FERNHILL" - This grand and beautiful mansion is a legacy from Cox settlers in the Mulgoa Valley. Completed c.1842 this beautiful home is set high on a hill, overlooking original 'Fern Hill' and romantic St.Thomas Church. As Helen Proudfoot states "It is a finely finished Greek Revival stone house, with a semi-circular bay commanding a fine view over the valley, church and old cottage". 

Some 20 Stone Masons were brought from Ireland to construct the home and outbuildings over a four year period. It is hard to imagine how the pillars were cut from one piece of stone, quarried on the property and moved into place without the help of our modern day machinery. The windows are etched from the main stone wall, while rich Cedar was used for entry door. Each solid timber beam of the curved veranda roof was shaped to create a graceful effect. Every wall in the home is 2'6" thick, while underground cellars stored wine from their own vineyards. The scenic drive toward the house deserves a second look, as it is developed with the use of native trees exclusively, which compliment this graceful house in the scenic Australian countryside. 

Although we were unable to visit, it remains a part of our history. On a day some years ago, as we stood in front of the imposing front gates, we were greeted by 'obscure' security, who told us that the property was owned by 'trillionairs'. In October 1996 my relative Robin Hirst sent a newspaper clipping which spoke of the sale of 'Fernhill' for around 37 million dollars $37,000,000. 'FERNHILL' was the home of Edward Cox and Jane Maria Brooks d/o Capt.Richard Brooks. Issue - Edward King Cox (Hon); Richard William Cox; James Charles Cox; Christiana Cox; Emma Cox (unm); Jane Maria Cox (d.y.); Rebecca Cox (d.y.); Charlotte Cox (unm).