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Campus 2010 + Building for the future

Transforming the University’s heartThe Campus 2010+ Building for the Future program unites a collection of five individual projects that will complement and transform the heart of the University of Sydney’s Camperdown and Darlington campuses.

The Faculty of Law will be moved from its current CBD location, to a new building on Eastern Avenue, offering facilities appropriately suited to one of the nation’s leading law schools. New Law School
The teaching spaces within the building will be available to all departments and faculties within the University, and surrounding open spaces will be of benefit to all campus users. Underground parking beneath the building, will take the place of existing on-campus car spaces.

In the centre of the campus, USYD Central Building will provide accommodation for a range of student services currently scattered across 11 different areas of the University, as well as retail and food outlets, a vibrant outdoor plaza area, and a new sciences and technology library. The sciences and technology library is being developed as a part of a longer-term consolidation of library facilities.

A new facility for the rapidly expanding School of Information Technologies, will put a fresh face on the Cleveland Street perimeter of the Darlington campus. The top floor of the building is set aside for occupation by an industry partner, which represents a unique opportunity for collaboration with the School on research and development initiatives. Underground parking beneath the building, provides a further opportunity to relocate existing street level parking spaces.

The Public Domain project will serve to link the Camperdown and Darlington campuses and a range of significant physical points across them, in a new way. The project will develop the campuses into a more aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian friendly environment, improving the open spaces and providing a new footbridge across City Road. It will unify the landscaping on the Camperdown and Darlington campuses and bring new life to the open areas around Fisher Library and University Place. Eastern Avenue will be transformed into a pedestrian thoroughfare called The Ramblas, with vehicular traffic removed and a dramatic new look achieved through landscaping, paving, signage and lighting.

The two divisions of the School of Geosciences will be united for the first time in a new location within the Madsen building, which will be renovated and upgraded as part of the program, to provide outstanding laboratory and research facilities. The consolidation will provide a catalyst for new synergies between the areas of specialisation within the School. It will also enable the demolition of the Edgeworth David building and the Stephen Roberts lecture theatre to be replaced by the Faculty of Law building.

Part of a community
The University of Sydney is not an isolated collection of buildings; rather, it strives to be an essential part of the local community. The Campus 2010+ Building for the Future program will open up the University more comfortably to its surroundings, making the most of neighbouring Victoria Park and ensuring that the campus is more accessible, particularly during evenings and weekends. Sydney is an ‘open all hours’ city, and it is increasingly important that the University reflects that ambience. That means not only a cultural shift in teaching and research, but a commitment to facilities and services that will keep step with the new attitudes.

An academic leader
The breadth and depth of subjects embraced by the University’s teaching and research areas are constantly changing and adapting to meet current needs, and the workplace must evolve to keep pace. The Campus 2010+ Building for the Future program aims to build in the flexibility and cross-disciplinary collaboration needed to do this, whether the need is for teaching space, library resources or childcare facilities.

The Campus 2010+ Building for the Future program represents a commitment to world class facilities. It aims to provide the space and support for staff and students to fulfill the University’s aspiration to be a leader in academic excellence - to be first in Australia, among the top five universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and one of the top 40 universities in the world.

A face to face universityIn an increasingly virtual world, the University of Sydney is committed to remaining personable - a ‘face to face’ institution. Such a commitment recognises that the need for an efficient and aesthetically appealing environment with strategically placed facilities, is even more fundamental. The numbers of people using the campus continue to grow, and as their needs evolve, the physical surroundings need to change accordingly. More than just a place to study and work, the University of Sydney will offer greater opportunities for an enriching campus experience. As the Campus 2010 vision takes shape, it will become an increasingly attractive place to enjoy a meal, go out with friends, take part in sporting activities, shop, bank, or just relax.

USYD Central Building

Client The University of Sydney
Location City Road, Darlington Campus
Project Description This new building provides centralised accommodation for a wide range of important student administrative services presently dispersed across the campus and the new Science and Technology Library that brings together a number of existing disparately located facilities. The combination of these functions, plus an allocation of space for generic commercial / retail space; will achieve a total gross floor area of 12,850m2.
The new building, which interfaces with the University's primary pedestrian thoroughfare, has been intentionally located next to the University's key retail and student union building (Wentworth Building) to create a large, multi-purpose facility for students.
Project Stage Department of Planning public - Environmental Assessment stage.
Project Manager Jeremy Kwan
Consultants Architect: John Wardle Architects

The Public Domain

Camperdown Public Domain

Project Manager Huy Huynh
Consultants Architects: Jeppe Aagaard Andersen+Tinka Sack+Turf Design

Darlington Public Domain

Project Manager Huy Huynh
Consultants Architect: Taylor Cullity Lethlean

School of Information Technologies

Client School of Information Techonologies
Location Cleveland St, Darlington Campus
Project Description This project provides a new building for the rapidly expanding School of Information Technologies within the Engineering Precinct on the Darlington Campus, and offers the potential for an Industry Partner to be co-located with the School.
The building occupies a strategic site on the boundary of the Darlington Campus and offers a new gateway entry into the University.
The refurbishment and extension of the existing "Engineering Walk" is an important component of this project.
Project Manager Richard Alder
Consultants Architect: FJMT Architects and associates
Structural Eng.: Taylor Thomson Whitting
Services Eng.: Lincolne Scott and associates
Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon Australia
Surveyor: Connell Wagner
Other consultants:
Traffic: Masson Wilson Twiney
Environmental: Douglas & Par.
Environmental Engineers: Advanced Environmental Concepts
Fire Engineering: Solution Consultants
Head Contractor: AW Edwards

Law School

Client Faculty of Law
Location Eastern Av. Camperdown Campus
Project Description

When the University of Sydney's Faculty of Law relocates from Phillip Street in the city to its new address on the Camperdown campus, it will have the type of prestigious and well-equipped accommodation deserving of one of the nation's leading law schools.

Where once a CBD location was useful for students completing articles, undergraduate students now undertake a dual degree or enter Law at graduate level, having already obtained an undergraduate degree in another discipline. With this shift, it is logical to bring the Faculty of Law into the heart of the Camperdown campus, where students will benefit from all that the campus has to offer, including better opportunities for interfaculty collaboration. The new teaching venues will provide high-quality environments for staff and students in the Faculty of Law as well as other campus users, being available to the entire University.

The new Faculty of Law development has been designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt), one of Australia's foremost architectural practices. fjmt were responsible for designing the much-awarded Scientia at the University of NSW as well as the University of Sydney's new School of Information Technologies building. The brief for the new building included extending the teaching facilities for undergraduates, creating underground parking so that existing car parking could be removed from Eastern Avenue, and developing open spaces that extend and complement the Public Domain project.

The new Faculty of Law building will be an inviting and defining presence on the edge of the campus. Its location is prestigious within the University's historic centre: opposite the sandstone Quadrangle and next to Fisher Library, right by the main pedestrian thoroughfare through the campus. With a frontage to Victoria Park and the city beyond it, the building will also form a new 'gateway' to the University. Lifted above the ground, the building is an open door rather than a barrier; it reinstates a visual link with the city that was a central part of Professor Leslie Wilkinson's master plan of 1920.

Main office tower
The raised Faculty office block includes a multistorey glass bridge forming an 'urban window' between the city and the University. Regardless of which way they face, all offices enjoy excellent views either to the Law Plaza and the Anderson Stuart facade, or to Victoria Park and the city. Throughout the building are breakout spaces, foyers and social areas, also overlooking the campus or Victoria Park and the city beyond. The seven-storey building's facade will consist of two layers of glass containing timber shutters that can be controlled by the building's occupants, providing insulation and shade as well as echoing the appearance of the nearby sandstone buildings. On level three of the tower, an enclosed glass lobby overlooks Victoria Park, the Forecourt and the Quadrangle beyond. The lobby lends itself to many uses, including functions and other

General teaching spaces
The general teaching space will accommodate all undergraduate teaching undertaken by the Faculty of Law as well as some Masters coursework. This teaching space will also be available for use by other academic and administrative organisations within the University.

This new building for the Faculty of Law replaces its present site in the Sydney CBD. The new building has a gross floor area of 18,250m2 and occupies a prominent location near several prestigious University buildings, key teaching and library facilities, and the main University pedestrian thoroughfare. In addition, a multi-level below-grade car park for 420 vehicles is included within the building. The car park provides a major opportunity to enhance the public domain in the heart of the campus.

Project Manager David Rowland
Consultants Architect: FJMT Architect

Consolidation School of GeoSciences

Client School of GeoSciences
Location Madsen Building (F09), Camperdown Campus
Project Description This project will allow the two academic divisions making up the School of Geosciences to be co-located within the Madsen Building following the relocation of the School of Information Technologies. This project will focus on completing the renovation of this heritage building and provide additional research and teaching facilities to continue to support the School of Geosciences.
Project Manager Huy Huynh