Sydney Architecture Images- Sydney University

Central Building Campus 2010


John Wardle Architects


City Road (next to Wentworth)




Millennium Deconstructivist


Concrete frame, steel and glass cladding.


Education Offices, lecture theatres. Library.
The University of Sydney is building a world class sciences and technology library as part of the Campus 2010 project. The SciTech Library will be a “major hub in a global network of information services; supporting the teaching, learning and research goals of the University by providing access to excellent resources and study facilities; and professional advice and training.” (JWA Arch.)
This new building provides centralised accommodation for a wide range of important student administrative services presently dispersed across the campus and the new Science and Technology Library that brings together a number of existing disparately located facilities. The facilities technologies deployed here are of the cutting edge 5 Greenstar shopping mall variety. They involve shading on the glass façade, high ceiling heights for light penetration and the use of chilled beams for HVAC (chilled beam allows for a suspended unit that incorporates all services (lighting, HVAC, air supply duct, sprinklers, etc) and so allows for much higher ceiling heights and requires far less air ducts and plant within the building. Chilled beams are still in their early days and it is yet to be seen if they will be easy/cheap to maintain).