Sydney Architecture Images- Sydney University

Wilkinson Building


Eric W Andrew, 1958-9, McConnel Smith and Johnson, 1972, Bates-Smart, 2002-5.


City Road




Late 20th-Century Brutalist


Concrete and brick


Education Offices, lecture theatres
   The 1960s was the decade of building in the Brutalist style, featuring vast areas of exposed concrete that retained the finish left by the rough timber framework into which the concrete had been poured. This was said to allow building materials to express their "inherent character". "Truth to materials" they called it. At the time, most people didn't like it. And they still don't.

An early example at Sydney University, completed in 1960, was built on City Road for the Faculty of Architecture. According to the Sunday Telegraph (19 July 1998), it rated a place in a list of "Sydney's Ugliest Top-10 Eyesores". Trevor Howells, in University of Sydney Architecture, writes: "Later named in honour of the founding professor of Architecture, … the Wilkinson Building is an edifice singularly devoid of any Wilkinsonian character and so-named, fortunately, well after [Wilkinson] had been laid to rest."