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New Law School, Sydney University


Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp


Eastern Avenue




Late 20th-Century International


concrete frame, glass cladding


lecture theatres, etc
The site (on the left) in simpler times (in the 1930s and today).

Image:A schematic view of the new Faculty of Law building viewed from Victoria Park. The Main Quadrangle Buildings and the Anderson Stuart Building can be seen in the background.

The Faculty building and associated components of the project occupy a significant site within the Camperdown Campus bounded by Fisher Library, Eastern Avenue, the Carslaw Building, and, Victoria Park.

The four major components of the project are the Faculty of Law Building, including a Moot Court facility, Faculty of Law Library, Teaching Spaces, and Forecourt.

Image: An elevated view of the building from Victoria Park.

Image:An elevated view of the building and forecourt - the second teaching building can be viewed in the foreground.

The Faculty of Law Building is the visually dominant element of the project occupying an elevated position on a linear north south orientation defining the campus perimeter with Victoria Park. Rather than forming a barrier the building is lifted above the groundplane with its northern section splayed providing an “open door” orientation towards the city, reinforcing the connection of law with the CBD’s legal precinct and wider society.

This building, over four levels, accommodates the faculty academic and administrative staff, together with a range of research centres and institutes, and will incorporate collaborative spaces, meeting and conference rooms.

Also incorporated in the project is a large forecourt which links the Anderson Stuart Building and Eastern Avenue with the Law building as well as stairs to Victoria Park.

To the southern edge of the forecourt a new café is located, together with a range of informal seating and plantings.

View enlarged plan of Forecourt (5.1Mb pdf)

View enlarged plan of proposed Forecourt uses (2.5Mb pdf)

The proposed Moot Court facility occupies a important location within the teaching spaces on the eastern facade of Level 2 with views over Victoria Park. It will be widely utilised for a variety of teaching programs in litigation and dispute resolution.

View enlarged plan of Moot Court (2.0M.b pdf)

A total of 23 teaching spaces are provided within the facility, ranging from 300 and 100 seat lecture theatres, through to 60, 56, and 24 seat seminar facilities to suit a wide range of teaching requirements.