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Baxter's Lodge


Leslie Wilkinson


University Avenue




Inter-War Gothic




  Above- the entry prior to 1939 (before it became the main entry).
One of a number of Gothic Revival buildings at the University of Sydney designed by Professor Leslie Wilkinson, continuing the architectural vocabulary established in the mid nineteenth century. An integral part of what is probably the finest collection of Gothic Revival buildings in Australia. One of a series of Gate lodges to the University Grounds.

Additional land for the creation of an approach to the University from the Newtown Road [City Road] was requested in 1859 and formally dedicated in 1863. Planted with fig trees, this eventually became a grand drive aligned on the central archway of the main building and flanked by a pair of lodges (for the gardener and messenger) built c.1883-1885 on the Newtown Road frontage. In 1924 the University exchanged this land for a part of City Council's Victoria Park to provide additional space for new buildings. Delays in the legal completion of this exchange and shortage of funds meant that it was not until the late 1930s that the new boundaries were marked in built form. An existing entrance from the Parramatta Road opposite Derwent Street became a new formal entrance with a two-storey lodge designed by Leslie Wilkinson, built in 1939-1940. The stone for the new lodge was said to be obtained from the 1880s messenger's lodge which was demolished in 1939. A single storey bedroom extension on the east side was built in 1958. The lodge is named after the Yeoman Bedell who lived there.

The date of construction of the palisade fencing to the university campus has not been determined. The cutting to Parramatta Road has been altered at least once, with the last widening occurring in the early twentieth century. The palisade fencing may have been relocated or altered. The new gatehouse was constructed when the entrance to the University was altered c1940. The original gatehouse survives, located at the corner of City Road and Parramatta Road/Broadway. A two storey sandstone Gothic Revival style building with gable ends. The roof is constructed of slate. A two storey bay window with sandstone mullions and crenellations faces Parramatta Road. The spandrel panels below the first floor windows have carved shields and the shield motif is also employed on the main gable and the gate piers. A pedestrian gate and covered porch separates the vehicular gates from the lodge. The metal work to the gates and the lamps to the gateposts survive intact. A two storey sandstone gatehouse and wrought iron gates designed by Leslie Wilkinson in 1939. The design included two pedestrian gates located either side of the vehicular gates, each separated by sandstone piers. The gate house and the gates survive substantially intact. The use of the Gothic architectural vocabulary was well established at Sydney University and Wilkinson continued to use both the architectural forms and motifs.