Chronology of Styles in Australian Architecture
    Old Colonial Period 1788-c.1840
  Hambledon Cottage C01 Old Colonial Georgian
  C02 Old Colonial Regency
  eas-ch-1.jpg (57719 bytes) C03 Old Colonial Grecian
  C04 Old Colonial Gothick Picturesque
Victorian Period c.1840-c.1890
  V01 Victorian Georgian
  V02 Victorian Regency
    V03 Victorian Egyptian
  V04 Victorian Academic Classical
  V05 Victorian Free Classical
  V06 Victorian Filigree
  V07 Victorian Mannerist
  V08 Victorian Second Empire
    V09 Victorian Italianate
  V10 Victorian Romanesque
    V10a Rundbogenstil (German round-arched neo-Romanesque)  
  V10b Moorish Revival
  LEI04-05.jpg (52237 bytes) V11 Victorian Academic Gothic
  iw002a.jpg (53067 bytes) V12 Victorian Free Gothic
  roc001c.jpg (66443 bytes) V13 Victorian Tudor
    V14 Victorian Rustic Gothic
  V15 Victorian Carpenter Gothic
    V15a Expressionism
    V15b Art Nouveau / Queen Anne
    Federation Period c.1890-c.1915
  cbd025c.jpg (89190 bytes) F01 Federation Academic Classical
  cbd011zd.jpg (84260 bytes) F02 Federation Free Classical
  F03 Federation Filigree
  F04 Federation Anglo-Dutch
  F05 Federation Romanesque
  F06 Federation Gothic
    F07 Federation Carpenter Gothic
  F08 Victorian / Federation Warehouse
  F09 Federation Queen Anne
  F10 Federation Free Style
  F11 Federation Arts and Crafts
  F12 Federation Bungalow
    Inter-War Period c.1915-c.1940
  I01 Inter-War Georgian Revival
  I02 Inter-War Academic Classical
    I03 Inter-War Free Classical
  I04 Inter-War Beaux-Arts
  I05 Inter-War Stripped Classical
  cbd1-013-01.jpg (53347 bytes) I06 Inter-War Commercial Palazzo
  I07 Inter-War Mediterranean
  rc4.jpg (34556 bytes) I08 Inter-War Spanish Mission
  cbd4-035-01.jpg (87903 bytes) I09 Inter-War Chicagoesque
  I10 Inter-War Functionalist
  I11 Inter-War Art Deco
  I12 Inter-War Skyscraper Gothic
  I13 Inter-War Romanesque
  I14 Inter-War Gothic
  I15 Inter-War Old English
  I16 Inter-War California Bungalow
    I17 Inter-War International
    Post-War Period c.1940-1960
  P01 Post-War ecclesiastical
  nor-rose2.jpg (77673 bytes) P02 Post-War International
    P03 Post-War American Colonial
    Late 20th-Century Period 1960- 2000
  L01 Late 20th-Century Stripped Classical
    L02 Late 20th-Century Ecclesiastical
  CBD034-02.jpg (77390 bytes) L03 Late 20th-Century International
  L04 Late 20th-Century Organic
  nor-woolley2.jpg (52672 bytes) L05 Late 20th-Century Sydney Regional
  A home known as the Green Can designed by Troppo Architects L06 Late 20th-Century Tropical
  PICT0273.jpg (70930 bytes) L07 Late 20th-Century Brutalist
  L08 Late 20th-Century Structuralist
  L09 Late 20th-Century Late Modern
  eas017a.jpg (39200 bytes) L10 Late 20th-Century Post-Modern


    Millennium Period 2000- present
  M01 Millennium Moderne
  M02 Millennium Amorphic
  M03 Millennium Deconstructivist
  M04 Millennium Minimalist Modernism