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Millennium Moderne

A new popular retro style for the 2005-16 boom.
At first it borrowed heavily from Art Deco and Constructivist architecture, and was influenced by the  early 20th century Dutch architecture of De Stil (for example, Mondrian art and the Rietfeld House).
It later evolved into a more cautious, minimalistic retro Modernisn.
It is characterised by the use of flat and folding planes, light grey, charcoal grey and bright white.
One of its main early developers were the Sydney firm Allan, Jack and Cottier. It has been very popular with multi-res developers like Mirvac Design.
Richard Johnson Square (30st/205m/219m to spire/office) 720 George Street (40st/118m/res) Aspect (43st/140m/res)
403 Pitt Street (40st/132m/res) Unbuilt. North Apartments Merition Tower - 48st/170m/residential
Portico York Street 65 m 213 ft 12 floors 2005 Cove Apartments Altair Apartments in Rushcutters Bay