Sydney Architecture Images- The Rocks and the Quay

The Garrison Church (Holy Trinity)




Lower Fort Street




Old Colonial Gothick Picturesque




This was the first official military church in New South Wales and serviced the military garrison at Dawes Point. Imagine the spectacle of the redcoats marching up Lower Fort Street from the artillery barracks to attend morning prayer. Although the church was officially called the Holy Trinity Church, it continues to be known as the Garrison Church. Military flags still adorn the church’s interior and the little museum next door contains military memorabilia.
Holy Trinity Church was Sydney's first Garrison Church. The foundation stone for the Holy Trinity Church was laid in June 1840 with the first recorded service being held in May 1844. 
Two major oversights are associated with this Church; the first relates to its construction - the foundation should have been laid facing North / South but was in fact laid East / West. This is considered a fortuitous oversight, however, as the renowned East Window catches the morning sun. The second is that the church was consecrated in 2000, 160 years after its founding. 
Funds were raised in the late 1800's to build the church tower. The tower never eventuated so the funds were applied to roof repairs in 1938.