Sydney Architecture Images- Jackson's Landing, Pyrmont



Alec Tzannes


Jackson's Landing, Pyrmont






RC frame


Multi-residential Apartment Buildings
  Under construction and rendering.
  On the left.
  Sales model.
A letter from the archives--

Dear Tony,

This is to express my great disappointment for the design of the west side of the new building - Silk - at Jackson Landing. To be honest, when I first saw that clutter of random colours I thought they were temporarily there just as a visual aid for the construction process itself; I would never image that they would actually be part of the final design!

It reminds me a giant tetris of bright unmatched colours with no style or purpose at all.

It does not suit the building, its elegant name, its Japanese interior design nor the upmarket Jackson Landing environment (in actual fact it cheapens and ruins it).

The greatest pity is that it also covers the much more beautiful Sugardock design and, unfortunately, will be the first high building facing and visible from the Anzac Bridge … such a disappointing first impression for Jackson Landing!

I sincerely do not understand what you, Lend Lease, the Sydney Council or whoever has approved the final design of that building were thinking.

We are now stuck with a building that, on the west side, looks similar to those cheap looking ones in one of Paris or London's suburbs built by the local House Commissions.

With great disappointment,


A Jackson Landing Resident