Sydney Architecture Images- Contemporary Commercial

North Apartments


Harry Seidler


Goulburn Street




Millennium Moderne 


reinforced concrete frame, curtain wall glazing. 55 m 180 ft 15 floors


Apartment Building 
The North Apartments, located at 91 Goulburn Street, Sydney, Australia, were designed by the late architect Harry Seidler.

The building is oriented with a single façade to the North, facing Goulburn Street.

Each of the 49 apartments features a wave-shaped balcony, so as to accommodate outdoor furniture, at its widened part. The balconies are arranged in a vertically staggered pattern so as to maximise the spatial feeling. As a result, the design breaks away from the usual box-like structures associated with 'infill' development.

Colour is introduced into the façade by the use of integrally permanent coloured toughened glass on the balconies' end rails and dividing screens. There are a mixture of primary and neutral coloured accents all over the façade, giving the building a lively appearance.

The apartments are designed following a split-level planning system, which results in a ceiling height of 2.85 m over the living area and 2.7 m in the raised bedrooms. The building contains commercial space on the ground floor, and an indoor lap pool. The foyer of the building features a wall hanging of woven carpet, based on a wall mural in Rose Seidler House, painted by Seidler in 1950.