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One Shelley Street New macquarie bank HQ (king st wharf)




One Shelley Street (King st wharf)




Millennium Amorphic 


reinforced concrete frame, curtain wall glazing. 32,000sqm


Office Building
One Shelley Street presents a striking combination of elegance, function and sustainability as a custom designed and constructed Sydney headquarters for the Macquarie Group.

This leading-edge development has cemented Macquarie Group as a modern and progressive company, while reaffirming Brookfield Multiplex's reputation as future-minded in sustainable design and construction. The design statements have ensured the building has become the yardstick for Sydney’s contemporary metropolitan construction, a visual feast both inside and out.

The innovative external steel diagrid structural system encompasses the building's sleek glass facade, eliminating the need for perimeter columns and maximising the flexibility of the internal floor space.

The light-filled interior design features a 10-storey high central atrium, with dramatic meeting room pods projecting into the space. The atrium is linked at a number of levels by bridges, stairs and open floor levels, and an internal ‘street’ that journeys across the length of the building.

The 35,000m2, 11-storey building offers one level of retail below 10 levels of premium commercial office space in the east tower and six levels of commercial space in the west tower. It is nestled amid Sydney’s stylish new precinct, King Street Wharf.

Aesthetics aside, the design has raised industry standards in environmental sustainability and workplace functionality. The triumphant design achieved world's best practice certification and a six-star Green Star rating. Two innovation points were awarded; one for being the first building in Australia to utilise 100 per cent NLA with passive chilled beams and harbour heat rejection and the second for undertaking a study with Macquarie Group to better understand the relationships between green buildings, indoor environmental quality, occupant perception and satisfaction and productivity.