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Sydney Apple Store and building


Retail store- Buchan Group (with San Francisco-based Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, and Eckersley O’Callaghan in London)


367 George St




Millennium Minimalist Modernism


reinforced concrete frame, curtain wall glazing


Office Building and retail
  Images- Time Out Sydney
Apple Flagship Store, George Street

All design projects require careful planning and precise details, and the company’s recent design for computer giant Apple is certainly no exception. Located in Sydney, The Buchan Group worked in close conjunction with Apple and other international partners, including San Francisco-based Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, and Eckersley O’Callaghan in London.

Seeking a presence in Australia, Apple contacted The Buchan Group because of its retail pedigree and local knowledge. The project took just over a year to deliver and the Buchan group team was led by Senior Associate Liam Kelly.

“Apple is an unusual client, in that they know exactly what they want,” says Mr Kelly. “What the architects bring to that formula is, ‘How to exactly achieve what Apple wants in a particular location?’” The Apple stores are designed to go into existing shells, and are designed with pinpoint accuracy to the technical specifications of any other apple product like the iPad and iPhone. The documentation for the three-floor store, in fact, was carried out one tenth of a decimal point. So it was basically delivering these things to a manufacturing specification rather than a construction industry specification.”
Ron Johnson, the head of Apple's retail division, speaks to us exclusively about the new $15 million Sydney Apple Store - the company's first in the southern hemisphere.

Johnson, who has overseen Apple's foray into retailing since joining the company in 2000, said the store would open for business on Thursday, June 19, at 5pm.

The new Apple Store will occupy three floors of a newly-refurbished building that stands on the corner of King and George streets in the Sydney CBD.

The timing of the opening indicates that Apple will not have its new 3G iPhone on sale in Australia until at least June 19 and possibly even after that date.

The new iPhone is due to be unveiled by Apple's CEO in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Australian time.

"We're not coming to open a single store in Sydney," Johnson said. "We will open more stores but we are not prepared at this time to talk about additional cities, additional stores."

Two smaller Apple Stores - one in Melbourne's Chadstone Shopping Centre and one in the northern Sydney suburb of Chatswood, are under construction.