Sydney Architecture Images- Contemporary Non-Commercial

Writer’s retreat, Little Green Island


Tone Wheeler, Environa Studio


Little Green Island




Millennium Minimalist Modernism "Painterly"


steel, plywood


Images copyright Environa Studio
project - holiday retreat - little green island
project manager - planetbuild pty ltd
project architect - tone wheeler
builder - planetbuild pty ltd
structural engineer - randal Jones

This project is a small house on a remote island. The house has a flexible design being used as a writer’s retreat and for small conferences. The house is occupied year round with a caretaker, with the owner staying at the house for up to a month at a time several times a year in different seasons.The house has a long thin plan, allowing for maximum light and cross ventilation to all rooms. There are two living spaces, a large open room used for general living and small conferences and a bedroom / study for sleeping and writing. Both rooms open onto verandas through glass and flyscreen doors that slide and stack to provide a completely open connection between the inside and the outside. This increases the flexibility of the rooms alowing them to expand out when the weather is favourable or to be “closed down” on one or both sides when it is not. The service rooms of kitchen bathroom and laundry are grouped at the centre of the house to maximise efficiencies of water and waste pipe runs.