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Shavran Tower


Brenchley Architects


Surry Hills




Millennium Deconstructivist 


Redevelopment of 1970's nine-storey tower


Apartment Building 
:: Elizabeth street :

The former Sydney Information Building Centre in Surry Hills is getting a make-over!

Located in the cool CBD fringe of Sydney, the existing building, consisting of a two storey podium and seven storey tower, will get a full refurbishment from the ground up. The entry foyer is to be an indoor/outdoor open walk-through cafe. A new semi-frameless crinkled glass skin will float above the podium off the existing building assisting in thermal and noise insulation. This new transparent second facade will wrap around and over to the roof terrace, giving life to the streetscape and interest to the roof form. The angled glass faceted panels will capture partial reflections, localised shadows, and offer glimpses of the original building and activity within. Occupants will be able to use the new balconies as weather protected break-out meeting spaces or winter gardens, and the covered roof terrace will give considerable amenity to the building. Adaptive re-use of the main buildings structural fabric and modernisation of the services including a fan assisted 'push-air' handling system will further 'future proof' the building. Internal fitouts will include an 'Eco-Package' of low energy and/or high recycled content products and materials.