Sydney Architecture Images- Contemporary Non-Commercial

Loop House


Tony Owen NDM Architects


Sydney, Australia




Millennium Amorphic 


sinuous ribbon forms


private House
Tony Owen NDM Architects design the Loop House in Sydney, Australia
The Loop House is a private house in Sydney. The house utilises sinuous ribbon forms to divide up the spaces and create connections with the landscape. The result is a building which creates a rich interplay of forms and exciting and sophisticated spaces. These forms are generated using 3-D digital software to explore the design response. This client came to us with a terrific site and very little in the way of a brief. He basically told us that the house had to be unique. The result was an oblique design process. We responded to the site with a series of movements, which folded and twisted the space in order to maximise the changes of level, view opportunities, and the potential to connect to outdoor spaces at various ground planes. We then looked to the client and his lifestyle. The client owns a trendy restaurant and travels extensively for both business and pleasure. We overlayed the materials and cultural aspects we derived from our lifestyle-brief. The result is both comfortingly familiar and quite bold. The house has a fluidity of space and is part of a series of projects the practice is currently working on, in and around Sydney, which we loosely refer to as Liquid Architecture. The geometries are derived from the patterns of tides and flows and the traces they leave in the landscapes, coastlines, and rock formations.