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Images on this page reproduced with the generous permission of Simon Fieldhouse.
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Andy Warhol Simon Fieldhouse       Allen Ginsberg Simon Fieldhouse        W.H.Auden Simon Fieldhouse        Geroge Bernard Shaw Simon Fieldhouse       David Hockney Simon Fieldhouse Dorothy Parker Simon Fieldhouse         Ernest Dowson Simon Fieldhouse           Francis Bacon Simon Fieldhouse       Harold Ross Simon Fieldhouse       J.D.Salinger Simon FieldhouseJames Joyce Simon Fieldhouse     Robert Crumb Simon Fieldhouse     Robert Lowell Simon Fieldhouse     Jean-Paul Sartre Simon Fieldhouse     Saul Steinberg Simon Fieldhouse     Art Garfunkel Simon Fieldhouse    T.S.Eliot Simon Fieldhouse      Aldous Huxley     Chuck Close Simon Fieldhouse     Burt Bacharach Simon Fieldhouse
George Kesteven Simon Fieldhouse