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Images on this page reproduced with the generous permission of Simon Fieldhouse.
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Simon Fieldhouse (fuller bio. below) is a prodigious Australian architectural artist who has sketched virtually every historic Australian building of merit (plus a number of greats in London, Paris, New York, India, etc). Presented here is a detailed gallery of his work, split into sub-categories.
His sketches are intricate recreations of architectural renderings (pencil/ink with watercolours as they would have appeared) with the insertion of cartoon like figures, sometimes whimsical, ironic or meaningful.
Downtown  Eastern Inner West
Northern Southern Country NSW
Sydney University UniNSW  Gates 
Melbourne Tasmania Queensland
Adelaide  Adelaide University Perth
London Paris New York 
Other works 
Portraits School rugby Whimsical
Chuck Close Simon Fieldhouse  
Legal Portraits  
Simon Fieldhouse (born 25 March 1956) is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. He was educated at Newington College, Barker College, Geelong Grammar School and the University of Sydney where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts.
He studied law and practiced briefly as a Solicitor ceasing in 1988.
He was co-author of "Portraits on Yellow Paper" with former Supreme Court of New South Wales judge Roderick Meagher. His works have been exhibited widely.
He has produced many paintings depicting Historic Australian Architecture with whimsical characters.
In 2006 he was commissioned by The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney to produce 35 portraits of Professors of Medicine. This series follows in the footsteps of Sir Lionel Lindsay, who produced a similar series in 1916.
Simon Fieldhouse has also completed a series of paintings of Historic Architecture of New York City.