simon fieldhouse portraits -- click here for a list of Simon Fieldhouse artworks
Images on this page reproduced with the generous permission of Simon Fieldhouse.
Copyright Simon Fieldhouse.
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James Fairfax
James Fairfax & Juno
Jenny Portrait
John Fletcher USYD
John Uther USYD
Kathryn North USYD
Lee Thomas
Lynne Stone, St Catherine's Headmistress
Margaret Olley
Michael Field USYD
Michael Kidd USYD
Michael Peek USYD
Nick King USYD
Philip Boyce USYD
Picasso Women
Professor Andrew Coats - Dean Faculty of Medicine USYD
Professor Andrew Coats
Professor Ben Freedman
Professor Bill Webster USYD
Professor Chris Murphy USYD
Professor David Burke
Professor David Ellwood
Professor Philip Sambrook
Professor Richmond Jeremy USYD
Rebecca Mason Portrait
Ria Deamer
Rick McLean USYD
Roddy Meagher & Amy
Roddy Meagher & Margaret Olley
Terry Schwamberg and Astro Boy
Tom Ruben
Warwick Britton USYD