Leichhardt and area

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01 Leichhardt Town Hall 02 Leichhardt Post Office  03 Witches’ Houses, Annandale
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04 Hunter Baillee Presbyterian Church  05 Norton Street Cinema

06 Balmain Post Office and Courthouse

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07 The Abbey, Annandale 08 Former Primitive Methodist church 09 Rozelle- typical Federation House
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10 White Bay Power Station 11 Leichhardt Fire Station 12 Leichhardt Public School
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13 Leichhardt Hotel 14 Annandale Post Office 15


Annandale Post Office (on the National Estate)
Johnston Street
North Annandale Hotel
Goodman’s Buildings, Parramatta Road
Foro Italicao
Norton Cinema
Leichhardt is a suburb in the Municipality of Leichhardt in the inner-west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

The suburb is situated between Haberfield to the west, Annandale to the east, Lilyfield to the north and Petersham to the south.

It is named after the Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, who in the 1840s was feted for his 4,800-km expedition in search of an overland route from southern Queensland to Port Essington (near Darwin), and who later famously vanished without trace on his attempt to cross the continent from the Darling Downs to the Swan River Colony on the Western Australia coast.

Leichhardt is best known as Sydney's "Little Italy". Although it has become less distinctively Italian with the increasing gentrification of the suburb and movement of families to suburbs with larger blocks of land such as nearby Haberfield, Five Dock, Concord and further afield as Gladesville, Ryde, Fairfield and Baulkham Hills, its Italian character is still palpable, particularly in the popular restaurants and cafés of its main street, Norton Street.

Along with its mix of residential buildings, restaurants and individual retail outlets, the commercial thoroughfare of Norton street also contains several bookstores, hotels, a cinema and two of the suburb's three shopping centres — Norton Plaza and the Italian Forum. The Italian Forum (located just off Norton street) is notable for its design which seeks to emulate the feel of a Mediterranean town plaza, with a pedestrian-only central courtyard with outdoors and indoors restaurant dining, surrounded by small shops and boutiques on the level above, and all overlooked by residential apartments. The third shopping centre, Leichhardt Market Place (formerly Market Town), is located closer to Haberfield on the main cross street of Marion Street.

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