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Site- Scots Presbyterian Church (Portico York Street) in York St /cnr Jamison st, Sydney looking south-1930 Assembly Church (70m long x 30m high) 2005- stone Facade & chapel saved and intergrated into new 17storey/70m residential bldg-Portico
Site- UNILEVER BUILDING 1957. (Circular Quay West) At 14storeys/53m It was one of first curtain wall scrapers in Sydney! It was completed the year nearby Opera House was started. Unilever House was the first of the wall of 1950's scrapers to be demolished in 1994 to make way for the controversial project- BENNELONG APARTMENTS ala TOASTER 14St/45m- 1999
Site- new Apple Store building. The Australian Bank of Commerce (later ES&A) built 1884. torn down early 1970. replaced with slab. The former Wales Bank (below) cnr george & King Streets. Built 1973 72m/17st. This was reborn with a new facade in 2009 as the new Apple Store building.

Site- MSB. One of the first large buildings in Australia and the first to have 4 floors. Commissariat Store at West circular Quay. built 1809-12 , it was built by convicts to a design by Lt C Foveaux, the 150ft building had 2ft thick sandstone walls and accessible by boat. it was pulled down in 1930's to make way for maritime Sevices Board of 1939. The MSB occupied the bldg until early 1990s when converted to Museum of Contemporary Art.
Site- 242 George Street, 1828- Royal Hotel. 
Currently The
      Block (Dymocks Building)
Same view 10 years later- looking south down George Street from King Street.
  To the left, 240 George Street, current redevelopment site of Mid-City Centre. Note Dymock's at bottom right of Royal Hotel.
In 1926 the Forsyth family (descendents of WDymock) bought the site and put in plans for a tower. The old bldg was finally demolished to make way for the Block in 1932.
After burning down in 1840, it was rebuilt larger and taller to become Australia's tallest hotel with 5 storeys (the south end cnr was later leased to a William Dymocks who later boasted in 1900 that it was worlds largest book shop with over 1million books! The Block (Dymocks Building), 2009.

Site- Bebarfalds- cnr George and Park Streets. Original 4 storey Bebarfalds store (demolished 1928).

New 8 storey bebarfalds furniture store -1929 (extended in 1955 and turned into woolies)

Circa 1941.

1955. 2 floors and large plantroom added

Site- Citigroup (completed in 2000.-243m). Corner of Park and George Streets. The Murdochs department store tower. (later Waltons).
Built in 1929, it was one of sydneys tallest and its corner turret was built to emmulate the town hall clock tower opposite.
Site- Marcus Clark Building, Railway Square, Haymarket.1942
Its location was once called Sydney's finest site!
The 8 storey Marcus Clark Building was Sydneys tallest in 1906. The 43m /140ft brick structure is triangular in plan (like Flatiron bldg)
The architect made it so strong ,he declared on its opening-"this is the strongest, safest, tallest building in Sydney and is immune from fire!
The builder used sandstone for base and kiln bricks for upper levels. Hardward floors with pressed metal ceilings.
Nangle ordered 200 tons of steel banding to be built into wallls for strengthening. Architect John Nangle was concious of fire hazards, so he provided first grinnell sprinklers, fireproof lift doors, escape ladders from roof to basement!


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