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Site- Queen Victoria Building  powerhouse collection. photo- Culwulla
The rocks. Sydney .....Susannah Place in the top right corner still exists as a museum just in front of the yha.. two buildings in the pic still exist
Site- Bent Street wow- who knew?? On the left was the Metropole Hotel - demolished late 60s/early 70s, it's successor demolished in 1991 for the current Governor Macquarie Tower. The successor of the building on the right was demolished on 2008 for 1 Bent St ("space")
Site- Martin Place, George Street, Sydney - 1910 The Societe Generale  Building & the Bank of Australasia (former)

Site- GPO. Australia's tallest building in 1891 (far left) Hotel Australia. 183ft/56m to cupola. General Post Office 
Site- cnr king/pitt st mall. built 1887, 34m tall Pitt Street Mall Building is still there, without its cuppola. Perhaps time to rebuild it?? There is one on the opposite corner, and it would make a striking pair.
Site- Institute Building, SydneyUniversity, Princes Hwy, still standing..  
Site- Barangaroo, 1959 Before the wharves were filled in.  
Site- Anthony Hordern’s Palace Emporium, George Street, Sydney 1924-25 George and Goulburn.
Site- Brighton Baths, Sydney 1928 Today (source- http://swimsallyswim.blogspot.com/2007/07/brighton-le-sands.html )
Amazing photo- Site- cnr Martin Place and Pitt Street. the Remington Building is now the 1970 ANZ tower.  
Fort Bennelong  
Site- George Street (opposite Martin Place) This one was a loss. The Colonial Mutual Life Association Building. It was Sydney's first to use the "skyscraper technique" and was completed in 1889. At the time it had the highest roof in sydney at 102ft! or 31m with 6 storeys equipped with fastest lifts! Gorgeous ornate details and statues etc. It was located opposite the existing Societe general on george st/Wynyard st. Replaced with 1970 box BNZ bank.
The markets formerly on the site of the Queen Victoria Building.
Taken from the top of Sydney Town Hall circa 1870. Source- http://www.mediavr.com/zoom/sydneyspherical.html (pan, zoom, very cool).
Hyde Park showing St. James Church  (left) and the Australian Museum (right).
Pyrmont Bridge St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral and George Street (looking west).


Special thanks to Culwulla & the good folks at- http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1025235