Sydney Architecture Images- Green Square Precinct

ECO Apartments


Turner + Associates and Frank Stanisic


52-112 Joynton Avenue, Victoria Park, Zetland NSW, Australia




Millennium Moderne


Reinforced concrete frame. Rendered blockwork cladding.


Multi-residential Apartment Building
ECO apartments Zetland 141 units + 1 retail
Eco 1 and 2 Apartments, Victoria Park for Walter Constructions, 2001* (Green Square Design Award)
Eco, the first of seven projects located in Victoria Park, Zetland designed by the practice, is located on two urban
blocks in Victoria Park and is a model for urban residential development where high user amenity is achieved in association with low energy consumption.
The buildings are developed in a perimeter form which is fragmented and fractured into individual buildings to
increase the visual permeability between communal internal courtyards and public open space, and to allow diversity
in the expression of buildings in relation to orientation and streetscape. Further diversity in the expression of building
forms is created by the use of a varied and coordinated palette of external materials.

Environmental performance is incorporated in the form of a biosink with wetland areas for cleansing first flush run off
from building roofs and ground level paved areas and rainwater is harvested in underground tanks for reuse. Sliding
louvre screens, shutters and fixed sunhoods are provided to adjust the dwellings to solar orientation, day light levels,
adjacent buildings and the streetscape condition.
The water treatment initiatives were used as a case study by the NSW Government in the Residential Flat Design Code
to accompany SEPP 65. Eco was designed in association with Neometro.