Sydney Architecture Images- Green Square Precinct

10 Defries Ave


Group GSA Architects


10 Defries Avenue Zetland




Millennium Moderne


Reinforced concrete frame. Rendered blockwork cladding.


Multi-residential Apartment Building
10 DEFRIES AVENUE/899 STH DOWLING ST (Meriton) - being assessed

Stage 2 (part 1) development application for six residential flat buildings ranging in height from seven to 14 storeys, accommodating 400 apartments, basement parking for 401 vehicles, landscaping and associated earthworks and construction of new access road along the south of site. The site also has a frontage to South Dowling Street.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2011/64/1)


Yes, the identification gets muddled: this is 10 Defries Avenue.
899 South Dowling Street is the group of 3 blank blocks at the southern end of the model - on the right at the rear in pics 1 & 3 above.
Why not identify 899 Sth Dowling as 12 Defries for clarity? & consistency?
Just to keep it confusing the whole project has been known variously as 899 South Dowling/Victoria Gardens/Victoria Square: go Meriton!!!!