Sydney Architecture Images- Green Square Precinct

Airia Apartments


Turner + Associates Architects (in association with the NSW Government Architect).


Frontages to Grandstand Pde, Morris Grove, Victoria Park Pde & Gadigal Ave.




Millennium Moderne


Reinforced concrete frame. Rendered blockwork cladding.


Multi-residential Apartment Building
Airia- 129 units

Victoria Park: Airia
Airia: 4 + 1 levels (they write it this way as the 5th level is not continuous and sits atop the main building.)
$28m, 129apt, completed 2004.
Architect: Turner & Associates, with NSWGA (govt architect), Peter Johnson.

The plan of the building is, essentially a rectangular doughnut conforming to the Masterplan requirement that the buildings of Victoria Park are to the street edge with internal gardens or atria. The building has frontages to Grandstand Pde, Morris Grove, Victoria Park Pde & Gadigal Ave.

NB: the building's name causes problems as it is AIRIA not ARIA. The latter is a building in Meriton's Crown Square 1Km to the N. Why "Airia"? Someone thought they were very clever: pronounced 'area', but playing on 'air' (English) and 'aria' ('air' in Italian). Groan.

The height of buildings rises across Victoria Park from Joynton Avenue, on the west, to Sth Dowling Street on the east, basically from 4 storeys up to 26 storeys.

Airia: Not a skyscraper but an interesting building. More professional pics can be seen on the Turner & Associates website. Also, the views of the building are clearer b/c 5 yrs ago the trees in Joynton Park and along the streets weren't nearly so mature.