Sydney Architecture Images- Green Square Precinct

Centric Apartments


Tonkin Zulaikha Greer


102 Joynton Ave, Zetland.




Millennium Moderne


Reinforced concrete frame. Rendered blockwork cladding.


Multi-residential Apartment Building
Centric 102 Joynton Ave, Zetland.

Client ::

Landcom and Austcorp

Location ::

Victoria Park, NSW

Completed ::


Team ::

Peter Tonkin, Victor Young with LFA Pacific Architects. Photos by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

Awards ::

2001 South Sydney Development Council Design and Innovation Award

Project Description::

47 apartments and 16 townhouses were developed as the model first stage for the development of an entire inner city district. Victoria Park, built on the site of a disused factory complex, once a racecourse, on the southern fringe of Sydney, now accommodates over 3000 residents.

Designed in collaboration with LFA Pacific Architects, the development completely occupies one new urban block and creates a dense urban environment, where each of the apartments and townhouses has excellent solar access, privacy and a green outlook. Roof terraces capture broad views to the city skyline.

Each of the four facades responds to its orientation and setting. The north elevation opens onto the adjoining parkland, while the west is clad in cobalt brickwork and creates a micro-environment with the avenue of dense fig trees lining he adjoining boulevard.

Balconies on this side have contrasting yellow soffits, and project into the tree canopies. The east and south are cubist developments of the internal program and are less expressive, in response to the more enclosed residential streets. The four wings, with basement car parking, surround a private green court.