Sydney Architecture Images- Gone but not forgotten

Chinese Church, Surry Hills




Wexford Street, Surry Hills


Built- ca. 1890   Demolished- 1911


Victorian Free Gothic


Rendered brick Stone


Chinese Church of England, Wexford Street, Surry Hills 1898, where the Rev. Soo Hoo Ten preached. The church building was a mix of European architectural styles with a dash of Chinese. It was demolished as part of the resumptions.

(image: City of Sydney Archives, CRS 51/3028)
Below- From Slum Lane to Highway

While the Wexford Street and Brisbane Street Resumptions were promoted by the City Council as being about creating new broad access streets to Central Station and a new industrial precinct, it was also about clearing out the poorer populations in Surry Hills, with a dash of racism added in. This article in the Daily Telegraph, “From Slum Lane to Highway”, is typical of the sensational journalism associated with slum clearance. It opens:

A thirty-foot lane across a dirty, Chinese infested slum packed thick with fan-tan shops and opium-dens and far worse places; eight acres, dreaded of the respectable, and known mainly to the police, with a deathrate 20 per cent worse than the rest of Sydney. That was Wexford Street and the Wexford Street area...

(image: Daily Telegraph, 6 September 1911) 


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