Sydney Architecture Images- Gone but not forgotten

Sydneys Shot Tower


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It was located over near Glebe railway line.


Built-    Demolished-




Rendered brick Stone


Summary Sydneys Shot Tower! nearly 200ft high
Clifton Hill is 77.6m (80m to chimney). this is tallest ever built.
The clifton hill tower was quoted as 60m and 150m, so i got it surveyed.
The Taroona shot tower in Hobart is 60m. (stone).(1870)-MY FAV
The Coops tower at Melbourne central shopping centre is 50m.
There is a steel framed tower at deer Park which is 66m built 1953
Hancock’s Tower (1840)
Sydney once had a shot tower on George Street, that had an observation platform at the top. It was built by a man named Hancock in 1840, and was familiarly called ‘Hancock’s Tower’. Many romantic legends circulated around Sydney town as to the purpose of the tower, the most common being that the builder put it up as a prison for his wife. But the fact is that Hancock was a shrewd, hard-working wheelwright, who had his ‘smithy’ at the intersection of George and Market Streets. Hancock was so firm a believer in the adage that ‘an Englishman’s house is his castle’, that, having made considerable money at his trade, he built a watchtower as part of his residence to scare away would-be thieves. In the courtyard between the Tower and the Inn in front, he had a large stone statue erected, with flower-beds and trellises filling the surrounding yard. Hancock was known to entertain his guests in the tower, proudly showing off his view of Sydney that few other would ever see. The tower was demolished in 1894.