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Temperance & General Society (T&G) Building


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201 Elizabeth Street.


Built- first 5 floors built 1889, top 3 floors added in 1913. Demolished- 1975


Inter-War Art Deco


Rendered brick. Sydney's tallest building from 1930-39.


Summary The T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society was an insurance company that operated in Australia and New Zealand. The 'T & G' stood for 'Temperance & General'. The company was founded in Victoria in 1876, emerging from the Assurance branch of the Independent Order of Rechabites. The branch was severed from the I.O.R Rechabite Lodge after six years of operations.
In 1983 the T&G Society amalgamated with the National Mutual Life Association.
Replaced by 201 Elizabeth Street.
Above- photo was taken 1928 just before demolition for the new 12 storey tower.
Above- the 1930s T&G building was 70m long, but when it was demolished they kept the from 10m with tower for a few months because heritage society wanted it kept. Above right- under construction.
Above- in 1930 next to Hyde park (note the small trees).
Above- looking down Park Street (left image shows the demolition of the Criterion Theatre on Pitt Street for the widening of park Street).
Above- 1976 Replaced by 201 Elizabeth Street. (now slated for demolition).
Sydneys T&G Building was built 1928-30. It was 68m to top of tower.(72m flagstaff).
yes it was tallest office bldg in Sydney until 1939 when surpassed by 112m AWA Tower.

195-203 Elizabeth Street
Height (tip)
72.00 m
Height (architectural)
68.00 m
Height (roof)
46.00 m
Floors (above ground)
Construction start
Construction end
Demolition end
3.65 m