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Phoenix Insurance Co


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Victorian Italianate


Rendered brick


Phoenix Insurance Co. Sydney.
Background: *Phoenix Assurance was established in England in 1782. Although the company started as an assurance company (life insurance) they went onto offer both marine and fire insurance and yet retained the 'Assurance' title in their name. The delineation between assurance and insurance is that assurance covers an event that will happen, such as death; and insurance covers an event that may happen, such as fire. The anomaly is that Life Assurance is generally marketed and sold as Life Insurance.

The company claim to have first offered products in the States of Australia in 1839, but in the main their early involvement was through agencies, in particular Dalgety and Co. Ltd. They established a head office in Sydney in 1906 but in other States and regional areas Dalgety represented them. The company was also active in New Zealand.

In 1921 they took over the Norwich Union Fire Office but this was later re acquired by Norwich Union in 1925.

In 1984 Phoenix (UK) was acquired by Sun Alliance, itself a merger between Sun Insurance and Alliance Assurance which later merged with Royal Insurance in 1996 to become Royal Sun Alliance and was later (2008) re-badged as RSA Insurance Group and is headquartered in London. As part of these changes the companies activities in Australia and New Zealand were restructured under the Promina Brand and the General Insurance arm is renamed Vero.