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Commercial Bank (CBC Bank)


J.F. Hilly 1854 & again 1864, Prof. Leslie Wilkinson 1923-1924


Head Office 343 George Street
 (to the left of the Bank of New South Wales George Street, at the end of Martin Place).


Built-  1854  Demolished- 1923 Replaced by- NAB Building


Victorian Italianate




Summary Sydney University branch which was facade of original 343 George St CBC of S building, donated to Sydney Uni when CBC of S 343 George St was rebuilt in 1923. (see the Old Bank Building)
This building had two major extensions made to it.
In the original location at the corner of George and Barrack Streets (opposite the GPO at the end of Martin Place).
Above left- the original version.
Above- the CBC is up on the left, opposite the GPO.
Below- the facade was transported to Sydney University in 1923 after demolition, and rebuilt as a bank on Science Road.
Below- currently on site.
Physical description of rebuilt building at Sydney University:

The main facade of the former CBC Bank is Victorian Italianate in style. The original composition with an attic storey over the entablature and cornice has been modified. The fluted giant order columns have finely carved Corinthian capitals, with capitals that appear to have been based on those of the Pantheon in Rome. The small paned windows were generally reinstated to match the original, omitting the metal balustrades. The Conservation Management Plan identifies the surviving original joinery. A forecourt was created in front of the building, which terminates a vista from the walkway to the Union Steps. The roof form of the building was altered by Wilkinson. He added a timber eaves and lantern. The use of lanterns is characteristic of his work at the University and they occur on a number of his buildings. This lantern functioned to admit both light and ventilation. Internally the coffered ceiling with original cornices survives internally. Refer to the Conservation Management Plan for a detailed description.