Sydney Architecture Images- Gone but not forgotten

Lyons Terrace Plaque 99 of the Green Plaques


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Liverpool St. city (opposite Hyde Park). Site of Remmington centre today.


Built-1841   Demolished- 1900


Old Colonial Georgian


Rendered brick Stone


House  Australia's first high-rise flats?
Summary Sydney has some of Australia’s oldest terraced housing and terraced houses were a feature of the city from around the 1830s.
Lyon’s Terrace overlooking Sydney’s Hyde Park is probably the grandaddy of all Australian terraces, at least according to historian Brian Turner. The now long demolished three storey terrace was designed in 1837 and completed in 1841 features the distinctive double storey verandah which has become the hallmark of the Australian terrace. Lyon’s Terrace became a prototype for the local vernacular was quickly formed in response to Australia climate and taste and evolved over time.

Lyons Terrace c. 1870
Love those dirt roads!
Lyons Terrace

Liverpool St. Lyons Terrace, built for the auctioneer Samuel Lyons was for many years one of the best residential addresses in Sydney. The three storey terraced houses stood on Liverpool Street on the south side of Hyde Park, with a view over that area.

Sir Alfred Stephen, one of the most eminent judges and legislators of the 19th Century resided there as did many other prominent citizens.

In the 20th Century the terrace was demolished in parts, the first in 1910 to make way for the street leading to Central Railway.

Lyons Terrace 1841