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Sydney Street sign gallery.

Sydney metro area is made up of a number of local councils and they all have distinctive street signs.
Ten years ago various councils still had some rather nice enamel street signs from the nineteen thirties and forties. These have now virtually all been replaced (typical Australian love of modernity and standardisation...). Please send me any images you have.

With special thanks to Bradley Torr (link below).
01 Ashfield, Municipality of

Above- very cool old Ashfield council sign, used from 1940 to 2005 (hangs in my kitchen- I was almost arrested pulling it down at Parramatta Road. It was one of the last enamel ones and I wanted to save it). These were originally mounted on solid steel decorative brackets, as were the City of Sydney enamel signs.


Above- these aluminium ones recently replaced the steel and enamel signs of Ashfield Council. Council kept the decorative bracket to keep the look.

02 Auburn City

03 Bankstown, City of

Above- Bankstown. 2010. The most modern style, in use since the late 1990s.
© Alison M. Bankstown. 2010. This is the previous style, featuring Council's coat of arms. This style replaced an older series with white FHWA-series text on a black background, broadly similar to the Australian standard.

04 Blacktown, City of

Above- Plumpton. 2009. These distinctive signs in the state's most populous local government area have replaced earlier signs featuring Blacktown City Council's old "Aboriginal's head" crest.

05 Botany Bay, City of

06 Burwood Council


07 Camden Council (nice text!)

08 Campbelltown, City of

Above- Ambarvale. 2009. Many of these signs date back at least twenty years and used to feature the council's coat-of-arms. But the council has decided to plaster a sticker featuring their new corporate logo on top of the coat-of-arms. The black one is in the vicinity of the Campbelltown Sports Stadium are these signs featuring the logo and the colours of the almighty Wests Tigers.
The Queen Street sign is pretty spectacular! This style is used only in Campbelltown's central business district. The coat-of-arms bears the motto "Be Mindful".

09 Canada Bay, City of (clever logo...)

10 Canterbury, City of

11 Fairfield, City of

12 The Hills Shire

Above- Rouse Hill. 2009. The crest features the council's old name, Baulkham Hills Shire Council. These signs, apart from featuring striking orange borders, also include the council's self-imposed nickname, The Garden Shire.

13 Holroyd, City of

14 Hornsby Shire

15 Hunter's Hill, Municipality of

16 Hurstville, City of

17 Kogarah, City of

18 Ku-ring-gai Council

19 Lane Cove, Municipality of

Above- St Leonards. 2012.

20 Leichhardt, Municipality of

Above- from the 70s to the 90s Leichhardt had its famous green timber signs, now all gone.

Above- the most recent type on the right.

21 Liverpool, City of

22 Manly Council

23 Marrickville Council

Above- Street signs in what is now Marrickville, all within 150 metres of one another. (Boundaries between the City of Sydney and adjoining municipalities are labile, depending on which party controls State government and opinion on what will best advantage its candidates in local body elections.)

A minority of the older green signs in Marrickville use the standard AS 1744 font. The newer style remind me of the new Parramatta signs.

24 Mosman, Municipality of

Above- Mosman ones have a certain graceful utilitarian simplicity to them.

25 North Sydney Council

Above- part of the cool North Sydney branding developed in the late eighties.

Above- This old enamel sign was unearthed during a dig on an excavation site at Munro street McMahon's Point North Sydney in 2015.
Special thanks to Allan Stomann.

26 Parramatta, City of

Above- Parramatta Central Business District. 2000. One of the most attractive styles of street sign in Sydney. The council crest features two Aborigines, one spear-fishing and the other in a canoe. This style had just been introduced at the time. Being in central Parramatta it features street numbers for the block in the direction of the sign - something that's not found in the suburban areas of the Parramatta local government area.

27 Penrith, City of

Above- showing the older and newer styles.

28 Pittwater Council

29 Randwick, City of

Above- Coogee. 2009. These signs replaced a plain white-on-blue design.

Above- La Perouse. The street was previously named Aborigine Street, and for some reason this was deemed offensive.

30 Rockdale, City of

31 Ryde, City of

32 Strathfield, Municipality of

Above- Strathfield. 2012. Strathfield Municipal Council and Ashfield Council are the only two local government areas I know of which use this innovative street sign system. The ramp shows the direction in which house numbers increase; the number up the top shows the first house number for that block on this side of the street; the number in brackets is the house number on the opposite side. Strathfield also shares the use of wrought-iron cantilevers with Ashfield.

33 Sutherland Shire

34 Sydney, City of (signs shown in order of age).

Above- a really ancient sign from the turn of the century when Glebe was still an independant municipality (note "The Glebe" painted over at the base of the sign, originally maroon, but repainted in the CofS colours. Letters are glued-on felt).

Above- City of Sydney had until recently very cool old 1940s enamel black and yellow signs, but these have now all been scrapped. I think that many aspects of heritage in Sydney are poorly regarded. People don't value the "story of Sydney" as much as they could.

Above- a very nice rare survivor on B ridge Road. Perhaps they're saving a couple of good examples?

Above- two signs from Glebe, both designs now defunct. The top timber one was from when Glebe was part of the Leichhardt municipality, the lower enamel one was from the thirties (?) when Glebe was psrt of the City of Sydney.

Above- the eighties-nineties generation.

Above- This simple but elegant design was introduced in the lead-up to the 2000 Olympic Games, and features Sydney's "crown and anchor" motif which is the traditional emblem of Sydney. This style was used throughout the 1990s.

Above- the latest SoC version, simple and robust, but the joints are prone to rust. As the rich SoC has expanded to swallow up some suburbs (Glebe, etc), it has standardised the street signs in all the areas.

35 Warringah Council

Above- ubiquitous Aussie street sign. Brookvale. 2012.

36 Waverley Council

37 Willoughby, City of

Above- Chatswood. 2009. An older style of street sign including the council's waratah crest.

38 Woollahra, Municipality of


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