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Allan, Jack and Cottier

Five Dock: 155-159 Parramatta Road, Five Dock
1300 apartments
Architect:  Allan, Jack and Cottier for Crown International Holdings and Drivas Property Group
Keith Cottier

(b. Sydney, Australia 1938)

Keith Eric Cottier was born in Sydney, Australia in 1938. In 1960 he graduated from Sydney Technical College after which he traveled to Europe. Cottier worked with Ian Fraser and Associates in London until 1964 when he returned to Sydney. He joined John Allen and Russell C. Jack and in 1965 became a partner with Allen, Jack and Cottier.

Cottier creates designs characteristic of the 'Sydney School'. Although he uses brick and timber construction to accommodate the abilities of typical Australian construction worker, he creates innovative forms with these traditional materials. He concentrates on relating each building to its environment and creating a building that meets spatial and programmatic needs. He also considers the effects the internal spaces will have on the building's external form.

Cottier regards user needs as the most important influence on his designs. He isolates all possibilities and constraints within the program and site and makes all of his decisions about planning, massing and detailing based on this analysis. He feels with thoughtful analysis each building will fall within a prescribed pattern.

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