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Woolooware Bay Town Centre

Scott Carver's flagship upcycling project is complete. Transformed from a 1970s office building,The Residence has achieved the highest residential values in Australian history.

Civic amenity and powerful design connections to its context are integral to the project's value.

By virtue of fitting streets to geography or perhaps merely through serendipity, the Residence straddles an axis that connects the paired shells of the Opera House and the twin spires of St Mary’s Cathedral.

The tower is segregated into two slender wings when viewed from the north, one overlooking the morning and the Eastern Suburbs, the other looking into the western afternoon, the city lights and Hyde Park. Twin sentries flank a space between, an implied gateway, a way through.

The pair of forms then allows for adaptation of the building’s language and scale to each of the precincts they separately address. The podium, forming a base from distant views, is designed to engage local observation through its higher order of detail and finish in Hawkesbury sandstone.

Spinnaker is the next stage of the Wentworth Point residential precinct that defines itself differently through the application of large scale natural materials and a crisp silhouette. The form is deliberately lively, playing on the moment of anticipation akin to a spinnaker before full wind.

As a whole city block, the appearance to street is modulated to reflect the multitude of street addresses to ascribe individual personality to future ownership, yet retain the benefits that come with a large scale strata development for both amenity and construction efficiencies.

The development of Wentworth Point is an integral part of a total change of use that is anticipated for the whole of the land on the western shore of Homebush Bay.

Block A is situated on the south-west corner of the Master Plan site on 1 Burroway Road, at a significant point of entry to the neighbourhood, and establishes identity and focus to the new development.

The development comprises two buildings around the perimeter of the block with a central open space, maximising the residents' access and views to communal open space as well as addressing the scale of the street on four fronts. The height and scale of these buildings vary from four to eight storeys. The eight storey building announces an entry point and adds visual interest to the skyline.

22B & Medina Suites
Baulkham Hills, NSW

The scheme comprises 357 apartments over basement car parking with landscaped through site links and extensive views across the lake.

The tower form is curvaceous and elegant, with a free form plan of apartments located around 2 lift cores. The apartments offer a ranger of size and amenity with large balconies and winter garden.

The façade treatment has been carefully studied and resolved to all four elevations, to ensure that the building is elegant and striking in the round.

The four low rise buildings serve to provide an urban edge to the site on Chandler Street and Emu Bank. The ground floor includes street front retail tenancies to promote a healthy activation of the public domain. There are then 6 storeys of apartments above, through multiple cores. A central landscape podium provides a sheltered focus with a combination of hard and soft scape works directly accessible for all residents. A public through site link connects upper and lover levels.

217 Northbourne
Canberra, ACT
The design provides for a range of office accommodation types with various floor plate sizes which aims to achieve 5 star environmental ratings. Passive and active ESD initiatives will further establish the development as a significant benchmark for Canberra Central’s built environment.

The double height lobby entrance allows for a transition between publicly accessible and semi-private space and direct engagement with the street. This space has been designed to engage Northbourne Avenue and the lower two levels of the proposal while maintaining a continuation of the street ground plane at the south east corner and retention of existing trees.

The stepped level stair entry at the Northbourne Avenue and Forbes Street facades are landscaped with hard and soft elements allowing for passive recreational uses. A pedestrian access bridge to the first level is also provided off Northbourne Avenue, adjacent to the vehicle ramp access.

The design of the Rydges hotel at Campbelltown set a new quality benchmark for the hotel chain.

As one of the first new hotels to be built under the new Part J of the Building Code of Australia, the hotel set standards for energy and thermal performance, and includes extensive rainwater collection, energy efficient chilled beam technology for fresh air systems and highly efficient lighting systems, all controlled by a central Building Management System.

Together with the adjoining leisure centre, club facilities, art gallery, visitors centre, and exhibition centre, the hotel is part of a complete quality resort style entertainment precinct in Campbelltown.

The hotel includes 116 suites, located over 5 levels, an upmarket restaurant, bar and microbrewery, impressive entry foyers, amenities and hotel meeting rooms.

Rhodes Corporate Park
Status: Masterplaned 1998

20 Hunter Street
Whilst being unashamedly modern, the scale and character of the building is carefully modulated to respect the architectural forms of adjacent heritage buildings. The 4 level podium and lobby are endowed with detail and finishes that compliment the prestigious location of the site.

The corner tower, capped by a light steel frame with glass roof, distinguishes this development from its Hunter Street neighbours. This feature also accommodates a communal outdoor space which embraces captivating views of the bustling CBD.