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Morrow & Gordon

Morrow & Gordon
Commercial organisation
Architectural practice which designed for many large commercial clients.

Morrow & De Putron 1909 - 1925
Morrow, de Putron & Gordon 1921 - 1925

Closed 1992

The firm was originally founded by David Thomas Morrow (1871-1935) and William de Putron (1872-1925). Morrow and de Putron had formed a short-lived practice in 1890-92, de Putron going on to become chief draughtsman for Robertson and Marks. Morrow started his own practice in Newtown in 1897 and de Putron joined him in 1909, the partnership becoming D.T. Morrow and de Putron. They soon had a thriving architectural practice, notable for the substantial number of large commercial clients. These included Soul Pattinson, Grace Brothers, Anthony Hordern and John McGrath Motors. In 1921 Percy James Gordon (1892-1992) was accepted as a junior partner and the firm became Morrow, de Putron and Gordon. With the departure of de Putron in 1925 the firm became Morrow and Gordon. After Morrow resigned in 1932 Gordon became the senior partner, but the firm continued under the same name until 1992. P.J. Gordon was president of the NSW chapter of the RAIA from 1944 to 1946.

Notable commercial buildings designed by the firm include the Grace Building, AWA Building, Grace Brothers Broadway store and the Federal Mutual Chambers. Domestic commissions include Babworth House at Darling Point for Samuel Horden and Hopewood House, also at Darling Point for Lebbeus Horden.

Reference: Decoration and Glass, March 1936, Vol 1, No 11, Murray K J Publishing Co, Sydney, p 47-48.
Alexandria Town Hall- 1928
Grace Building- 1930
AWA Building and Tower- 1939
Grace Brothers Broadway store
Federal Mutual Chambers