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Lippmann Associates

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The Butterfly House by Lippmann Associates is a 420 square meters house with a voluptuous sculptural form that has been widely and critically acclaimed
The house was designed for a Chinese property developer who insisted that the house have “no straight lines” to attract good “chi” in accordance with Feng Shui principles.
The building has two wings like a butterfly, the living wing facing west over Sydney Harbour and the bedroom wing facing east over the Pacific Ocean, with a central glazed stair.
King George V Recreation Centre, Sydney
Pearl Beach House
Richard Rogers' 'next generation' Chifley Square
Ed Lippmanns work is intrinsically linked to the place and time in which he operates.
His architecture is a response to its physical context - sydney, Australia - the spectactular Asia / Pacific city where he was born in 1957 , and where he established his office in 1985.
His work is at the forefront of the search for appropriate technologies and in that respect , contributes to global "zeitgeist" at the commencement of the 21st century.
Lippmann Associates is one of Australia's leading architectural design firms with a reputation for producing high quality private and public architecture.
Over the past fifteen years his office has been involved in a wide range of leisure, commercial, residential and industrial projects both locally and internationally - Asia, the US and Europe.
The success of these projects has won his office recognition for skill and innovation in design and construction management as well as many awards.