The eighties called and they want their buildings back….!

Farewell to Cox's Conference Centre and Exhibition Centre (and the monorail...). Off to the great white elephant graveyard in the sky.

Central Park West? New development for Parramatta downtown.

Here are pictures of the winning scheme for the new two 53-storey office towers, designed by Sydney firm Johnson Pilton Walker, will be built as part of the Parramatta Square redevelopment in the CBD. I think that they look hugely like the Central Park development in the city at Broadway.

Sydney- westies versus hipsters.

Funny ways of looking at our great town.

Central Park retail is photogenic..

Wow, I mean very nice, obviously. The Germans in the office swan around speaking of “European architecture”- obviously, the towers at Central Park are just boxes covered with gimicks, but wonderfully done. Quite an oasis from an otherwise chaotic part of the city. Above we see the main residentail tower (Jean Nouvel?) with its fantastic

FJMT’s $220m Charles Perkins Centre – The University of Sydney

FJMT continue on their winning streak with this ultra-industrial gleaming alpolic and sandstone clad structure. Modernist Brutalism is coming back in, fat camp style.

180 Thomas St- a walk on the Highline

180 Thomas Street is a very nicely designed small office building. -built diagonally opposite the new UTS Gehry building on the old goods line viaduct (our local version of the NY Highline). -in a very dynamic part of the city fringe near Central and Chinatown and the university precinct. -expressive facade with a glass external lift

August Construction update

There are half a dozen fantastic projects going up within half a mile of Central Station. Here are some recent update pictures (changing rapidly…) 01. Central Park That heliport still amazes me every time I walk past it. And the greenery growing on the walls. Talk about smoke and mirrors. However, it does work to

Latest on the Barangaroo Casino and Hotel

Image submitted by reader. Just one image of the fourth entry in the design competition for the Barangaroo Casino and Hotel has been published. It is believed to be from an Australian design firm of international standing but the details are yet to be released. The design has been embraced by Sydney architects as an

The Madness of Green Square

I took a walk around Green Square the other day- I was shocked by the freaky Millennial Moderne multi-res going up there. In 20 years time this area will be known as a museum of kitsch. Like it or not it has some interesting forms going on.

Outpost, graffiti artists on display at Cockatoo Island.

We went to the last day of the Outpost Art from the Streets installation at Cockatoo Island last Sunday. We got completely drenched on the ferry but the trip was great. It was good to put some names to the works I've admired on the side of the local subway tracks.